Our Story


PLUSgives was founded with the determination to combine health and wellness for the self with health and wellness for the local community.

After months of meeting with local brick-and-mortar business owners and e-commerce business owners, translating legalese and corporate docs to make sure PLUSgives could incorporate as a Benefit Corporation, having the honor of speaking with members of local charities who are fighting the good fight daily, practicing with local yogis and asking their advice on everything from designs to textures to quality, and witnessing insane talent in local artists of a multitude of mediums, the dream became a reality: lifting up the power of yoga to effect real change in the lives of those in need.

PLUSgives unites the efforts of local charities protecting our neighbors, local artists bringing inspiration and light to our neighborhoods, and local fitness professionals bringing energy and health into our bodies through our high-quality, eco-friendly, and intention-filled yoga products.

Thank you for your support of our dream and our mission. We hope you love our product designs by the incredibly talented artists we’ve been lucky enough to work with, we hope you find our products to be of stellar quality (and if you don’t, let us know!), and we thank you for helping us spread our motto of feeling good + doing good.


Empower, protect, and feed 1 million people through the power of yoga.

At PLUSgives, we offer high-quality yoga products whose purchase positively impacts the lives of those less fortunate — a portion of the proceeds from every yoga product sold is donated to local charities fighting homelessness, domestic abuse, and malnourishment. We work with local artists of various mediums (painters, illustrators, graffiti artists, etc.) to create one-of-a-kind designs for seasonal yoga mats and towels and unique limited-edition designs which represent inspiring stories of local heroes/heroines.

Our aim is to impact our community through three tiers:

PRODUCT — High-quality, eco-friendly yoga mats printed with the artwork of local artists who represent various mediums (painters, illustrators, graffiti artists, etc.).

CHARITY — A portion of the proceeds from every product sold is donated to local charities fighting homelessness, domestic abuse, and malnourishment.

EXPERIENCE — Uniting yoga practitioners, health and wellness lovers, local artists, community members, and charities to effect real, positive change through awareness, volunteerism, fundraising events, and yoga retreats.


PLUSgives is a registered Benefit Corporation (B Corp). How does that differ from a regular Corporation? As a registered B Corp, we're held to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and, as is the B Corp mission, we "aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems". In every facet of our business, our intention is mindfulness—mindfulness of quality, experience, and impact.

By definition, we are required to abide by the following:

PURPOSE  PLUSgives is beneficial not just for shareholders but for the general population at large.

ACCOUNTABILITY — PLUSgives directors' duties are to make decisions in the best interests of the corporation, and directors and officers must consider the effect of decisions on shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, community, and the environment. 

TRANSPARENCY — PLUSgives must publish an annual Benefit Report in accordance with recognized third-party standards for defining, reporting, and assessing social and environmental performance, and deliver that report to all shareholders and via its public website with exclusion of proprietary data.

PLUSgives is treated like all standard corporations for taxation purposes.

We're building a community — that means that we encourage open lines of communication. If you'd like to speak with us about our mission, give us feedback on your experience on our site or with a product you've purchased, or if you want to know how we can partner up to change the world, we really want to hear about it! Contact us and we'll be in touch! Thank you.