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PLUSgives Yoga Mats Artist Alloyius McIlwainePhiladelphia native Alloyius Mcilwaine is a self-taught artist who’s been creating art since he was a child. At the early age of three, he discovered a love for art, and developed his talent for drawing by duplicating comic book images. As he got older, Alloyius studied various forms of art including traditional, comic book, graffiti, abstract, and more. In early 2000, he founded Cultures Clothing Company, a company that uses art and fashion to show that all cultures have something beautiful and interesting about them.

In 2012, Alloyius began experimenting with freestyle abstract art — an art that is improvised on the spot without any predefined concept or idea or rules. Alloyius says, “The art that is manifested on the canvas is serendipitous in nature, and influenced by the artist’s mood and emotion.”

His work utilizes a multitude of mediums — Spray Paint, Acrylic, 3-D Paint, Watercolors, Oil Paints, Pens, Pencils, Markers, Colored Pencils, Pastels, Charcoal, Wheat Paste-Ups, Stencils and more — and has been featured in his “Spraypaint & Ink Pens” Showcase, the “RAW Artists Presents: DISCOVERY” Showcase, the “IMMORTAL” Showcase, the Art Above Reality & The Culture LP websites, Tosh.0 and on the R&B DIVAS LA reality show (TV One). And now Alloyius has teamed up with us at PLUSgives to share his inspired artwork!

We highly recommend following Alloyius on Instagram to get up-to-date photos, videos, and info about his work. To check out Alloyius’ clothing company, visit To see his fine art work, visit his site at

PLUSgives is honored to have such a dedicated and talented artist on board with our mission to change the world through the power of yoga!

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