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Joe Longo is a Philadelphia-based freelance creative photographer. Over the years, Joe has focused on the yoga, fitness, health + wellness communities offering images that capture the light his clients shine into the world. He’s also a certified yoga and meditation instructor teaching weekly classes in the Philadelphia area and in workshops around the country.

Joe is also the creator of the phenomenon that has taken over yoga communities across the country: The Tattooed Yoga Project. Joe created this donation-based community-driven photography project to “join together two ancient traditions [yoga and tattooing] in a celebration of life, love, and art.” Started two years ago as a fun project to capture his tattooed yogi friends, two photo sessions in Philadelphia turned into an eight-page feature in Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine. The project was then selected to be part of a global See.Me art installation in Times Square in New York. Joe says, “We traveled around the country creating art, capturing the spirit of amazing yogis, and celebrating art for the sake of art.”

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PLUSgives is honored to feature Joe's photography throughout our website and to have him on our team as a PLUSgives Ambassador.



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